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Seven Bands:Bright eyes,radiohead,the faint,smashing pumpkins,the pixies,Nin,HIM
Three Movies:Clerks,Spun,Fear and loathing in las vegas
How did you feel when you found out Conor was dead?shocked then actually looked at all those fake pages and laughed
Did you want to kill yourself too? not becuase he was dead but I did want to anyway
Are you Catholic? no but i do come from a very religous family
Do you get drunk at least on a weekly basis?i get drunk everyday hell i drunk now and its 1pm
Do you do cocaine?not much too costly but if i could get cheaper i would being doing it right now snorting lines is fun
Have you been banned from any of the other Bright Eyes/Conor communities? If so, which?nope
How many Bright Eyes albums do you own?ummm a few
What is your favorite Bright Eyes song?Lover i dont have to love
Funniest or favorite Bright Eyes lyric?Now and again it seems worse than it is, but mostly the view is accurate

Something interesting(a story, a joke..):
When Vin Diesel gets mad, he increases to twice his normal size, becomes green, and refers to himself in the third person.

Three pictures. Please, show your face at least once! This is NOT a rating community!
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