Kay <3 (xh0ldurbreath) wrote in drunkkid___army,
Kay <3

sup nigs?

i need a hubby. i guess? well, i want a hubby. i still think the marriage thing is rad. so, im searching.

im 16 and im a lady. i live in long island.
i wouldnt mind marrying another girl, because, there are a lot less boiiz in here then there ought to be. [[ i love making fun of people who "tYpE lYk DiS.. BoIiIiIi" :) ]]
i love a lot of music. some of my favortie bands are bright eyes, fall out boy, jamisonparker, taking back sudnay, from first to last, the acadamy is, the beatles<3.... etc.

so chyea. marry me? ill love you very very very very very very much.
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