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name_ bri
age_ 19
sex_ yes, please. (har har.)
location_ arizona.

seven bands_ why seven? well, besides BE would be ...and you will know us by the trail of dead, autolux, the postal service, the faint, refused, AFI, aaaannnnd... cursive.
three movies_ the lost boys, high fidelity, and legend.
how did you feel when you found out Conor was dead?_ i laughed for like 5 minutes and then searched CNN for another 2 just to make sure.
did you want to kill yourself too?_ no.
are you catholic?_ not today. i'm irish though, does that count?
do you get drunk at least on a weekly basis?_ i try. my tolerance has built up quite a bit and i can't afford it much anymore.
do you do cocaine?_ ew, no.
have you been banned from any of the other Bright Eyes/Conor communities? if so, which?_ i've tried but i only frequent one so, no luck so far.
how many Bright Eyes albums do you own?_ 4
what is your favorite Bright Eyes song?_ When the Curious Girl Realizes She is Under Glass
funniest or favorite Bright Eyes lyric?_ "I wish I had a parachute 'cause I'm falling bad for you." (these from pinata). makes me think really lame pick-up line.
something interesting (a story, a joke, etc)_ ok, joke it is.
what was bruce lee's favorite drink?


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