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Name: Patrick
Age: 15
Location: Puyallup, WA

Seven Bands: Tilly and the Wall, Rilo Kiley, Styles, Xiu Xiu, The Format, The Faint, NWA
Three Movies: Bio-dome, Scarface, The Pest
How did you feel when you found out Conor was dead? I called my best friend was like wtf and then i was like no way and thought damn they got me
Did you want to kill yourself too? i couldnt choose if i wanted to slit my wrists or do the car in the garage thing with the car stereo blasting on "lover i dont have to love"
Are you Catholic? very
Do you get drunk at least on a weekly basis? im irish, yes
Do you do cocaine? naw
Have you been banned from any of the other Bright Eyes/Conor communities? If so, which? i think i got kicked out of one or two cause im in indelikeconor
How many Bright Eyes albums do you own? i think i have all the songs ever released...probably dont though but close
What is your favorite Bright Eyes song? "Saturday as Usual"
Funniest or favorite Bright Eyes lyric? "im a puddle stomper and your a sponge"
Something interesting(a story, a joke..): i have a fear of cotton balls

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that ones kinda lame

ohh and i dont have gay long hair anymore its short

BTW i need a wife
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